Play AR Beta Release @ the Dumbo Arts Festival 2014!!!!

Play AR @ Dumbo Arts Festival
Play AR @ Dumbo Arts Festival

The grand release of Play AR will be at the Dumbo Arts Festival 2014 September 27-29. At the start of the festival we should have the app on the Apple app store for free download. We will try to have the Android version ready at this point but are limited by time. We will have the Android version soon. You do not have to come to the festival to use the app.

For the release of Play AR we have a game in Dumbo, Brooklyn NY where you defend the city against a giant monster attack. The game was inspired by the classic video game Rampage.

Viewers fight the monsters from the Brooklyn side of the East River with the mobile app Play AR. The app overlays virtual video game monsters onto the real world [Manhattan] with augmented reality. The game can only be played at the Dumbo Arts Festival because it is located with satellite tracking.


Sander Veenhof becomes The Mobile AR Lab’s 1st official RESEARCH PARTNER!


Sander Veenhof becomes the Mobile AR Lab @ NYU’s 1st official RESEARCH PARTNER!  [part of the BXMC]

Sander Veenhof is one of the most influential artists/researchers to have ever worked with augmented reality. Veenhof’s work has been  written about in the New York Times, shown by MoMA and as an official entry into Venice Biennale.  Among Veenhof’s achievements was the”#1 Designer in the Netherlands” award which he received in 2013 from the Netherland’s government.

Google’s Cardboard: the highly accessible OpenGL web environment to create the experiences!

Recently Veenhof used Google Glass to show where surveillance was taking place in public and private locations. 


Stay tuned for Veenhof’s NYC release of his roller coaster ride!


‘Elements of Oz’. AR performance at BRIC

Hey all,
We are in the very beginnings of our new project ‘Elements of Oz’.
If you can stop by BRIC, next to BAM in Brooklyn, Wednesday June 25, 6:30 pm you can get a glimpse of what we are up to.
Its a FREE event but please RSVP to
Please see info below.
All best,

John Cleater

Past Builders Productions: HOUSE / DIVIDED and SONTAG: REBORN
Photos: James Gibbs

Join The Builders Association (HOUSE / DIVIDED; SONTAG: REBORN) as they celebrate the start of a new project!  Their next piece, ELEMENTS OF OZ, will play with the beloved classic The Wizard of Oz and the wild theories and associations that people have attached to it. They’ll also be exploring the use of Augmented Reality in live performance, and of course, Pink Floyd.

Marianne WeemsMoe Angelos and members of their creative team will share insights into the current state of development and design concepts, Augmented Reality designer John Cleater will give a demonstration, and sound designer Dan Dobson will have a band on hand for a preview of the score.  And for general awesomeness.



Skype: cleater

ARNY – Augmented Reality New York Monthly Meetup — April 22, 2014 @ NYU School of Engineering



ARNY - Augmented Reality New York
Tuesday, April 22, 2014
7:00 PM
NYU Poly – Roger’s Hall – Room 615
6 Metrotech Center, Brooklyn
New York, NY 11201
7:00 – 7:30…Networking7:30 – 8:30…Live demos

Demos to be announced

Ori Inbar – The latest and greatest from around the world of augmented reality

8:30 – onward…Member announcements and Networking

See you there!


New York One TV — Expo Shows Applications of Augmented Reality Technology


Expo Shows Applications of Augmented Reality Technology

  • By: Adam Balkin
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TWC News: Expo Shows Applications of Augmented Reality Technology
Play now

The Augmented World Expo showed attendees how the physical world around us is changing without physically changing through the technology of augmented reality. NY1′s Adam Balkin filed the following report.

Right now, augmented reality is one of those “oh, cool” technologies that you may have used once or twice for its “wow” factor, but for most of us, it hasn’t really made its way into our daily lives. Helping to change that, though, is one of two Augmented World Expos. There is a smaller New York version, and a big one is held in a few months in Santa Clara, Calif.

“Augmented reality, in simple terms, is about overlaying computer graphics on the real world, but it’s so much more than that,” says Ori Inbar of Augmented World Expo. “It’s really about making the world more interactive through a digital layer that allows us to communicate with things around us.”

Maybe you’ve seen ads in magazines or on movie posters that’ll pop out at you when you point your mobile device or webcam at them. Right now, AR is primarily designed to work with 2-D images, but companies like Metaio are trying to make everything in our 3-D world a trigger for this technology.

“When you have a dynamic object like a car, a lot of round edges, really shiny, doesn’t really play nicely with a monocular camera view, to conquer that challenge, what we do is, we break down the car into basically its core edges,” says Trak Lord of Metaio. “And it doesn’t have to just be a car. We can do it with basically any object. And since the camera is looking for the edges of the object, it can actually recognize it, track it.”

While right now, when you think of augmented reality, you probably think of video games or advertising, there are some practical solutions on the horizon.

Sight Augmented works with wearables to help augment the real world and make it more visible for people with vision problems.

“The augmented side or section of the display is where they’re actually recognizing the text,” says Bernhard Schneider of Pear Enterprises. “So we can adjust the magnification range of the text itself, plus add more contrast.”

Augmented reality is also finding uses everywhere from classrooms to helping technicians find and repair problems on things like cars or computers.

AR Detroit Meetup >> showing creatAR

Prof Mark Skwarek will be showing creatAR tomorrow at the AR Detroit Meetup Monday + talking about AWENY + talking about PlayAR!

“creating your own augmented reality”

  • Monday, March 24, 2014

    7:00 PM
  • Honigman Miller Schwartz Cohn

    39400 Woodward Avenue, Bloomfield Hills, MI (map)
  • Join us for our next meetup, where we’ll learn about various tools available on the market for creating your own augmented reality experiences.  These include existing tools like Layar and Aurasma, as well as Mark Skwarek’s creatAR and another brand new creative suite that will have just launched to the public by the time we meet!  We’ll also hear from experts in the creation of 3D models, which are so important for authentically immersive experiences.
    The discussion will also touch on issues of copyright and trademark law, which are so important to content creators.
    And of course, there will always be time on the schedule for demos of the latest and greatest AR apps.