NYU AR Lectures

The shown lectures took place at NYU Polytech. Many of the lectures took place thanks to ARNY Meetup Group and the Mobile AR Lab.



ARNY NOV 26, 2013 @ NYU — EPIC

Augmented Reality New York Meetup — Nov 26, 2013


1) Brendan Scully – Metaio – first ever SLAM demo on Google glass from the Augmented Reality Company

2) Niv Borenstein – Kazooloo – A truly fun to play Augmented Reality game-toy combination

3) Jeff Hyson – Xsyon – Introducing Xscope an immersive virtual reality, augmented reality, movies, games and more

4) Keiichi Matsuda – Hyper-Reality – A new vision for the future with plenty of Augmented Reality goodness

5) Dhan Balachand – Founder and CEO, Sulon Technologies – a new head mounted console that will fully immerse players into games where the real world and the virtual world become one.

6) Ori Inbar – The latest and greatest from around the world of augmented reality featuring AR on Sony Playstation 4, 2013 DEMO Gods winners review, MIT’s Tangible Interfaces InForm, Moto X box opening AR experience, Re+Public new app, and more!

Hosted by NYU’s Mobile Augmented Reality Lab





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ARNY Meetup @ NYU Polytech — Tuesday, June 25, 2013

ARNY Meetup- Prof. Steve Feiner – ARMAR – Workplace Task Assistance Study – Part 1 @ NYU Polytech



ARNY Meetup- Prof. Steve Feiner – ARMAR – Workplace Task Assistance Study – Part 2 @ NYU Polytech


ARNY Meetup- Prof. Steve Feiner – History of HMD’s – Part 1


ARNY Patrick O’Shaughnessey- Columbia – AR User Interface- Part 3 app @ NYU Polytech 2013

ARNY – Hazel Marie Bala- AR Museum app @ NYU Polytech 2013



ARNY / Brian Wassom – Augmented Legality – AR impact on Ethics, Culture and Law @ NYU Polytech




ARNY ARNY // Eyewear Night May 28, 2013 @ NYU Polytech

ARNY ARNY // Eyewear Night – Vuzix presenting the M100 – May 28, 2013 // NYU Polytech ARNY // Eyewear Night – 2 – May 28, 2013 // NYU PolytechARNY // Eyewear Night – Walmart Glasses Demo – May 28, 2013 // NYU Polytech ARNY // Eyewear Night – LAYAR – May 28, 2013 // NYU Polytech ARNY // Eyewear Night – LAYAR [part 2] – May 28, 2013 // NYU PolytechARNY // Eyewear Night – META!! – May 28, 2013 // NYU Polytech 




AWE 2013

Mark Skwarek, NYU Poly, Augmented Reality in Art and Museums at AWE 2013 




::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ARNY June 2, 2013 goldrun :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::


LISA [Leaders in Software and Art] Mark Skwarek – Augmented Reality as Art – Nov 13, 2012



Thursday, November 8, 2012

NYU LECTURE – Augmented Reality Bio-sensing

LECTURE – Augmented Reality Bio-sensing 

Title: The ARtSENSE Project

Date: Thursday, November 15, 2012, 6 – 7:30 pm, 





Where: NYU Polytech @ Jay Street Metrotech, New York

2nd floor, Room TBA-  probably room 207




Areti Damala, Content Creation, System Requirements Analysis and System Architecture Evaluation with ARtSENSE and Researcher at CEDRIC, Paris

Professor Mark Skwarek, Digital Art, Integrated Digital Media at NYU Polytech

Professor Will Pappenheimer, Digital Art, Art Department Pace University



Cell phone and tablet based augmented reality (AR) represents a potent next wave integration of locative media, art, information, and internet content for mobile device camera video and GPS. What is the potential of AR both as a technology used to enhance museum audience experience and interpretation as well as a contemporary artistic medium? This presentation features the European Union co-funded interdisciplinary ARtSENSE project and the consortium’s collaboration with the international artists’ collective Manifest.AR. The new notion of Adaptive Augmented Reality (A2R) is explored, focusing on the different yet complementary A2R use-cases of the National Museum of Decorative Arts, Madrid, Spain, the National Museum of the History of Science and Technology, Paris, France and the Foundation for Art and Creative technology (FACT), Liverpool, UK. A special emphasis will be given to FACT’s upcoming Inside-Out collective exhibition, which will be bringing to the wide public, eight mobile A2R art projects, imagined, conceived of and deployed by the international artists’ collective Manifest.AR.







TEDx @ NYU Polytech

Gold Run / TEDx / NYU Polytech [part1] Oct 22, 2012 Gold Run / TEDx / NYU Polytech [part2]


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