Damon BakAR Gallery

Current Show- MARS – Mobile Augmented Reality Show 2021

Damon BakAR Gallery Opens with MARS – Mobile Augmented Reality Show – IRL 2021 12/7/21 -1/7/22 and the AR show 12/17/21 till infinity!

The Mobile AR Lab has launched it’s very own AR gallery; “The Damon BakAR Gallery”!! This is an AR gallery and can be seen around the world by smartphone users and supported networks. We do have shows in IRL gallery spaces but… that’s not really the point. Our first show is MARS [Mobile Augmented Reality Show 2021] and will showcase the some of the very best AR at NYU!

This group show includes artists-

Arwa Alsaati / Katelynn Browne / Anastasia Green / Vesper Guo / Halley Yue Huang / Vasu Kuram / Rachael Lu / Marketa Mala / Shehara Ranasinghe / Tanvi Sharma / Christopher Strawley / Ni Ni Than / Kristian Zadlo /


This Gallery is dedicated to Damon Loren Baker, Pioneer of the field of Augmented Reality (among many other things). Damon spent a good part of his life working in galleries and museums curating and running some of the first AR and VR art shows. This included running Brown’s CAVE Digital Art Space (long long long before VR was cool), and as the curator of the Krannert Gallery.

Damon Baker Steals Back the Stolen Parthenon Elgin Marbles to return to Greece

The first Augmented Reality Theft? June 18, 2012 Damon Baker and Mark Skwarek

LAPSE by Damon Loren Baker, 2010

Damon is responsible for some of the first works of augmented and virtual art. He often did this with sound. The Damon BakAR Gallery is an augmented reality gallery that can be seen by people w a smartphone and and a proper net connection. Damon pioneered this very form of art. This gallery will only show Augmented Reality Art that pushes and showcases what the medium can do. Damon’s pioneering work in AR will now live on through shows and live events (sound anyone???) of future generations of AR creators. We plan to have regular shows so please check back regularly. The The DAMON (Loren) BakAR(er) Gallery is run by NYU’s Mobile AR Lab. Damon was instrumental in setting up The Mobile AR Lab and he was a Resident with the lab where we created the world’s first “Augmented Ensemble”.

Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting 2021!

The DAMON (Loren) BakAR(er) Gallery Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting 2021! It happened! We cut the ribbon and the gallery is finally open!!!!

We are accepting AR curatorial submissions for upcoming gallery shows. Please contact us with supporting materials @administrator

We are accepting AR curatorial submissions for upcoming gallery shows. Please contact us with supporting materials @ mobilearlab@gmail.com

This is the beta build of the gallery and we plan to build this out a bit but it works and is live now!!! Our show is live when all the other NYU shows were shut down due to COVID Omicron. The future is uncertain and the timing of this gallery could not be better!

The DAMON (Loren) BakAR(er) Gallery actively accepts AR ART curatorial proposals. We love AR (sound) + all AR art so feel free to reach out.


Video Soundtrack: Performance by Artist: Damon Loren Baker

Song: Birth Pangs [excerpt]

Recorded at Gerrard Art Space (Eclec~Tic~Toc Fest, Vol. 1 – Night 2), July 15, 2017. http://mechanicalforestsound.blogspot…

Damon Loren Baker TWITTER https://mobile.twitter.com/damonloren…

The gallery is actively accepting AR art curatorial submissions. Links to work please, downloads are not preferred. Apply for shows here >> mobilearlab@gmail.com