Jeremy Bailey // Augmented Reality Body Building Class @ NYU IDM!!!! [co-taught by Mark Skwarek]



DM-GY 6133 Mobile Augmented Reality Studio

This course examines the affect of augmented reality [AR] on our bodies. Augmented

reality is changing the way we understand our world in relationship to software by

overlaying our physical reality with real-time, interactive digital experiences. Augmented

reality has traditionally focused on the ways in which software might adapt our physical

environment but this class will focus on how it affects our bodies – our behaviours and

our identities. The body will be examined as both a software interface and a mutable

object, capable of taking on new forms and capabilities. Students will gain a strong

understanding of both the theory and technology necessary to create innovative

experiences that push our collective understanding of the body as software.

Alexandre Pellitero Rivero comes to the Mobile AR Lab Fall 2015!

 eu-2Alexandre PelliteroRivero is awarded the 2015 EU Research Grant and will join NYU’s Mobile AR Lab as a Research Partner for the Fall 2015! Alexandre is a Telecommunications Engineer with a Masters in Telematics Engineering. He is currently a part time student in the IT PhD programme of the University of Vigo (Spain), focusing in Mobile Augmented Reality applications. Since 2010, he has been working at Gradiant (an R&D Center) as a researcher, participating in several Augmented Reality projects in the fields of automotive, industry, health and printed media. He is passionate about bringing Augmented Reality closer to the general public and he has been involved in the creation of authoring tools so non-technical people can also create new applications.

Mobile AR Lab at Fukushima!!








Mark Skwarek, Semblance AR, NYU’s Mobile AR Lab and Namba Visionary are working together at the Fukushima disaster site to make people’s lives safer and to help restore the affected Fukushima land to its original state before the disaster. Mark is doing AR safety research with AR.