Grad Student Nabil Mir


Flushing an iPad Down the Toilet

Surfing in a Sink


Microwave Loading

Windows 95 Forever

Waluigi Looking at Art



Sailor Venus Punching Bag

How to Fish with Augmented Reality

Color Changing Car

Steering Wheel Art Show

Lens Test



Rim Changer

Rollin’ Coal


Barbara Faye Gallery


Waluigi’s Final Moments


Gourmet AR with Hovsep Agop, Nabil Mir, & Xingyu Gu

Squishy Smurfs


Pirate Invasion

How to turn your car into a Rolls Royce

AR Madness

CSAW 2013 – Projection Mapping NYU’s Wunsch Building

csaw test_3

Brooklyn, New York—For the first time, pedestrians in downtown Brooklyn will be able to actually see that it is hosting the world’s biggest student cyber security event—not merely guess at the hacking, sleuthing, and protecting emanating from hundreds of laptops inside the Polytechnic Institute of New York University (NYU-Poly) during its Cyber Security Awareness Week (CSAW).

“The Integrated Digital Media Program and our Mobile Augmented Reality Lab members decided that all of the pedestrians walking through our campus in MetroTech Center should see evidence of the powerhouse of computer science and engineering that CSAW has become,” Skwarek said. “We also wanted to demonstrate the kind of creative animation and mapping that students and faculty are developing in the new NYU Media and Games Network.” Known as MAGNET, the new facility brings together the faculty, students and research of five NYU schools in 40,000 square feet of space in MetroTech.