Mobile AR Lab at Fukushima!!








Mark Skwarek, Semblance AR, NYU’s Mobile AR Lab and Namba Visionary are working together at the Fukushima disaster site to make people’s lives safer and to help restore the affected Fukushima land to its original state before the disaster. Mark is doing AR safety research with AR.

Mobile AR Lab is in the 2015 NYU RESEARCH EXPO



Friday, April 24, 2015 – 1:00pm – 5:00pm EDT

Augmented city: The project turns NYU’s physical campus into an interactive interface. The project is a mobile app made for the NYU community to make their daily activities easier and more well informed.
Name of the nominator: Mark Skwarek
Lead Exhibitors: Mark Skwarek

AR-APM: Identify the location of landmines and avoid or disable them and record the procedure to provide other deminers information.
Name of the nominator: Mark Skwarek
Lead Exhibitors: Carlos Bautista

Where: MetroTech Commons, in the heart of the Tech Triangle and Downtown Brooklyn

Brendan Scully of Metaio becomes Mobile AR Lab’s 2nd Research Partner!

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Brendan Scully is Managing Director at the NYC offices of Metaio, Inc., the world’s leading Augmented Reality Company. He oversees Metaio’s corporate accounts, strategic partnerships, and project development activities in North America.

At MAGNET, Scully is advising the Mobile AR Lab in best practices for AR application development and design. In his view, augmented reality demands that mobile developers consider the physical, political and social environments in which they deploy their applications. By taking a humanistic approach, he believes that AR applications can enhance, delight and inform human experience while avoiding situations of distraction, addiction or control.

Prior to 2010, Scully worked at Tiltfactor Lab, researching humanistic games and critical play.

Scully received a Bachelor of Science in Augmented Reality from Dartmouth College.