Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition!

Dear Entrepreneur,
Greetings. This is an invitation for our Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition!
We are LYRICS (LuoYang Research Institute of Computer Science, LLC.), our company was established in Silicon Valley 2015 based on our powerful fund as well as resource support from our Chinese cooperation. And we are dedicating to connecting the entrepreneurship and marketing resources between China and US.
Based in Henan Province, one of the most populated provinces in China, we work extremely close with the local government as well as the industries, in which case, we could provide preferential policy support from the government and also great sales channel and market entrance opportunities including Medical Care, Education, Transportation, Tourism, etc. We have been running our incubators and accelerators since 2012, and also we have now around 700 startups in our 4 incubators, including industrial leading companies like iFLYTEK, CITIC Heavy Industries, etc. Please see attached for more detailed information.
This year, we will hold our second EXPRESS TO SILICON VALLEY Entrepreneurship & Innovation Competition working with 400+ media partners and 300+ investment partners. We are setting up  semifinals in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Luoyang and Silicon Valley as well, and we will invite all winning teams to Luoyang for the final competition. Winners are able to share 3M RMB (around 440K USD) award as well as the investment opportunity by STIFund, our 10B RMB (around 1.5B USD) venture capital fund.
We’re writing to invite you and your great team to be part of our silicon valley competition which will be started in this early August, please use the application channels below to register! (Remember to attach your BP when you register.)

If you have already applied for the competition, please consider this as a warm reminder that the competition will start in August. If you have any future questions, please dont hesitate to contact us.
LuoYang Research Institute of Computer Science, LLC
4500 Great America Pkwy, Ste 300,
Santa Clara, CA 95054

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