Grad Student Nabil Mir


Flushing an iPad Down the Toilet

Surfing in a Sink


Microwave Loading

Windows 95 Forever

Waluigi Looking at Art



Sailor Venus Punching Bag

How to Fish with Augmented Reality

Color Changing Car

Steering Wheel Art Show

Lens Test



Rim Changer

Rollin’ Coal


Barbara Faye Gallery


Waluigi’s Final Moments


Gourmet AR with Hovsep Agop, Nabil Mir, & Xingyu Gu

Squishy Smurfs


Pirate Invasion

How to turn your car into a Rolls Royce

AR Madness

Sander Veenhof becomes The Mobile AR Lab’s 1st official RESEARCH PARTNER!


Sander Veenhof becomes the Mobile AR Lab @ NYU’s 1st official RESEARCH PARTNER!  [part of the BXMC]

Sander Veenhof is one of the most influential artists/researchers to have ever worked with augmented reality. Veenhof’s work has been  written about in the New York Times, shown by MoMA and as an official entry into Venice Biennale.  Among Veenhof’s achievements was the”#1 Designer in the Netherlands” award which he received in 2013 from the Netherland’s government.

Google’s Cardboard: the highly accessible OpenGL web environment to create the experiences!

Recently Veenhof used Google Glass to show where surveillance was taking place in public and private locations. 


Stay tuned for Veenhof’s NYC release of his roller coaster ride!


AWEE 2014 >> register now! student discount


Augmented World Expo East or AWEE for short (pronounced oh-weee!)
The world’s largest augmented reality conference comes to NYU’s School of Engineering.  The event is hosted by NYU’s  Mobile AR Lab @ the BXMC !
The day will consist of 3 parts:
Educational sessions and tutorials for developers and designers
Exciting live demos and presentations by leading Smart Glasses, Wearables and Augmented Reality companies
A bunch of exhibits where you can experience these products first hand
So, if you’d like to present, exhibit, sponsor – or have other ideas to make this day memorable – let us know!

There will be lectures and panel discussions. AR video game, advertizing, and industry presentations. There will be sponsor tables with industry reps showing off the latest and greatest in software and hardware.
AWEE 2014 >> register now! student discount
NYU Students –
Regular 99$
Student 29$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The International Conference on Electrical and Electronics Engineering, accepted The Augmented Reality Human Body Project



The International Conference on Electrical and Electronics Engineering, accepted The Augmented Reality Human Body Project

The conference will take place at Islamic Azad University, UAE Branch, United Arab Emirates in cooperation with The Society of Digital Information and Wireless Communications, from December 11-13, 2013,



ARNY comes to NYU Tuesday 11/26 7-9pm



NYU’s Mobile Augmented Reality Lab sponsors the ARNY Meetup Tuesday 11/26/13     7-9pm  @ NYU Polytech!!


  • NYU Poly – Bern Dibner Building – Main Auditorium (ground floor)

    5 MetroTech Center, Brooklyn, New York, NY (map)


    cross st. 23rd
  • Price: $1.00/per person

    Refund policy

  • 7:00 – 7:30…Networking


    7:30 – 9:00…A packed program with amazing demos:


    1) Brendan Scully – Metaio – first ever SLAM demo on Google glass from the Augmented Reality Company

    2) Niv Borenstein – Kazooloo – A truly fun to play Augmented Reality game-toy combination

    3) Jeff Hyson – Xsyon – Introducing Xscope an immersive virtual reality, augmented reality, movies, games and more

    4) Keiichi Matsuda – Hyper-Reality – A new vision for the future with plenty of Augmented Reality goodness

    5) Dhan Balachand – Founder and CEO, Sulon Technologies – a new head mounted console that will fully immerse players into games where the real world and the virtual world become one.

    6) Ori Inbar – The latest and greatest from around the world of augmented reality featuring AR on Sony Playstation 4, 2013 DEMO Gods winners review, MIT’s Tangible Interfaces InForm, Moto X box opening AR experience, Re+Public new app, and more!


    8:30 – onward…Member announcements and Networking